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The role of socks in your overall comfort when running or jogging, working out, hiking or playing sports should not be underestimated. Socks keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day, allowing you to perform any athletic task without having to give thought to your feet's comfort.

No matter what your activity, adding sports socks to your athletic wear is a decision that will save your feet many aches and pains. At Schuylkill Valley Sports, we offer a top selection of brands, styles and colors of men's and women's sports socks to improve your athletic comfort and match your personal or team style.

Athletic Sport Sock Materials


Perhaps the most important factor in choosing athletic socks is the type of material the socks are made of. Most socks are designed using a blend of different fabrics. Knowing the properties of each will allow you the best ability to choose the right sports socks for you.

  • Polyester or nylon — These materials are quick-drying and add durability to your socks. They're often blended with other materials to create a mix of strength, flexibility and breathability.
  • Acrylic — Similar to but less expensive than Merino wool, this material is comfortable and quick-drying to provide the ultimate fit and feel.
  • Elastane or spandex — These materials allow your socks to stretch to fit your feet properly. They're typically blended with other materials, only composing a small percentage of the sock's fabric.
  • Cotton — Little-known to many people, cotton is not a breathable material. It holds moisture, creating the perfect environment for blisters on sweaty feet. It's highly recommended to avoid buying socks with 100% cotton content for high-performance activities, although they can be worn for everyday wear.


Sport Sock Height


The height of the socks you need varies by activity. Providing the right amount of coverage for your needs keeps your socks in place and provides support to your ankles. There are four heights to consider in choosing your ideal socks.

  • Ankle and quarter socks — These are both great for general use, walking, running or biking. Ankle socks, the shortest socks available, rest right below the ankle while quarter socks rest at the top of the ankle.
  • Crew socks — These socks go partway up the calf and provide maximum support during hiking, specifically when worn with tall hiking shoes.
  • Over-the-calf socks — These socks go all the way up the calf and support your calves and ankles during field sports. They can be worn for soccer, baseball, basketball or other team sports, as well as for skiing.


Thickness of Sport Socks


The thickness of your sports socks is primarily a personal preference.

Thicker socks have greater cushioning, but they can also be uncomfortable in smaller shoes such as running shoes. Thinner socks provide greater breathability, but they can also rub your feet the wrong way if you'll be doing miles of walking every day.

Experimenting with different styles can be a good way to find the perfect thickness that works with your feet and your shoes.

Schuylkill Valley Sports offers a wide selection of sports socks to fit all your athletic needs. Shop online or visit us in store to see our full range of athletic wear. Free shipping on any order over $75!

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