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2020 Best Vintage MLB Jerseys

2020 best vintage mlb jerseys

As we move into 2020, baseball fans will want to know the best MLB throwback jerseys available today. Though you might have some MLB throwback jerseys from 2019, you can always add more to your wardrobe. As you look for the retro MLB jerseys, consider the following information about the advantages of classic jerseys and some of the top 2020 vintage MLB jersey options.

Reasons to Buy Vintage Jerseys

If you're on the fence about buying a vintage jersey, there are several benefits to owning and wearing them.

1. Conversation Piece

One of the best features of a vintage jersey is that it makes people want to talk about it with you. For other baseball fanatics, one look at your jersey is going to want to make them want to have a conversation about the team or the player. With one of these jerseys, you'll find yourself reminiscing with other fans about the old days.

An older vintage team jersey will make other fans remember a time in the team's history when they wore that jersey. For individual player jerseys, people will love to talk about watching the player back when they were on the field. Classic MLB jerseys are bound to start conversations and help you create new connections with other fans.

2. Retro Jerseys Don't Get Dated by Players Switching Teams

Have you ever bought a star player's jersey to represent your passion for your home team, only to have that player choose another team in free agency or be traded away to some competing organization? If so, you know just how quickly that jersey can turn from a celebration of a player to a grim reminder of them leaving. Classic jerseys don't have this problem, as the players have long retired, and you won't have to worry about them representing anything other than your team.

3. Great to Wear to Events and Parties

If you want to make a good impression, wear a vintage jersey to a party or get-together. Not only will it help you strike up conversations with fellow fans, but it will also make you look good. Vintage jerseys are all the rage and are a stylish addition to any outfit. A replica jersey looks great with a pair of your favorite jeans. You can go with a buttoned or unbuttoned look for your jersey, but if you go unbuttoned, make sure to wear an undershirt.

While you might not want to wear the jersey to a wedding, any athletic event or party will allow you to support a baseball legend and look good doing it. At an event, a replica jersey will immediately tell people you're a baseball fan and get you talking to people who care about the sport just as much as you do.

Individual Player Jerseys

Most rare sports jerseys are going to come from legendary players. With an iconic jersey, you show you care about the history of the sport and respect the best players to ever hit the field. Below, you can find some of the top jersey options.

1. Kirk Gibson Detroit Tigers BP

As you probably know, Kirk Gibson was the driving force behind the Detroit Tigers' 1984 World Series Championship win. His iconic three-run home run locked down the World Series for the Tigers, cementing him in MLB history. Later, in 1988, he won the National League MVP and would go on, in the same year, to hit a pinch-hit walk-off home run in the first game of the World Series.

If you're a Detroit Tigers or Gibson fan, the Kirk Gibson Detroit Tigers BP Jersey is a must-have. The jersey takes inspiration from the Detroit Tigers' alternate uniforms worn in 1984. On the jersey, you'll find Gibson's number 23 on the back, mesh construction and the team's logo displayed on the front.

2. 1991 Darren Daulton Phillies Jersey

1991 Darren Daulton Phillies Jersey

The three-time MLB All-Star is a Philadelphia legend. Darren Daulton worked hard to become the 1993 Phillies primary leader and led them to a National League Pennant win. You can rep Daulton and call back to '90s baseball jersey fashion with the 1991 Darren Daulton Phillies Jersey. With the jersey, you'll get his last name and number on the back, a lightweight mesh design and time-appropriate Phillies name on the front.

3. Bo Jackson Navy Angels #22 Jersey

As one of the greatest athletes of all time, Bo Jackson is the only professional athlete ever to become an All-Star in both football and baseball. His jersey is a crucial part in the closets of both baseball and football fans. The Bo Jackson Navy Angels #22 Jersey showcases his final season in the league while he played for the Angels. To add to its appeal, the jersey sports the old California Angels' logo before the team became the Los Angeles Angels.

4. Murphy #3 Royal Braves Mesh BP Jersey

Atlanta Braves legend Dale Murphy won consecutive MVP awards in 1982 and 1983 while playing for the Braves. The Murphy #3 Royal Braves Mesh BP Jersey takes its design from warm-up jerseys the Braves used in 1981. Outfitted with Murphy's name and number on the back and a classic Braves logo on the front, this tribute to Dale Murphy's 1981 season with the Braves pays homage to the Golden Glove-winning player's storied history.

5. Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres BP Jersey

Given the nickname of "Mr. Padre" for playing his entire career in San Diego, Tony Gwynn is a San Diego Padres legend. The 15-time All-Star and five-time Golden Glove Award winner was one of the best players ever to take the field. The Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres BP Jersey will make for a perfect addition to any Padres fan's closet.

Team Jerseys

Along with purchasing individual jerseys that honor legendary players, classic MLB jerseys that celebrate an entire team are great to have to support your favorite team. For example, a couple of popular options are the Houston Astros throwback jersey and the Philadelphia Phillies Mesh V-Neck Jersey. Both jerseys are comfortable mesh and feature attractive, classic and officially licensed designs.

Non-Jersey Item Ideas

Along with buying jerseys, you can purchase other non-jersey items that go along with your vintage jersey. Consider looking into accessories that go along with it. Some of the best options include MLB Track Jackets for a chilly day, Snapback MLB hatsbranded socks and T-shirts with your favorite team's logo on it.

Where to Buy Retro Jerseys

buy retro mlb jerseys

If you're looking to add new vintage MLB jerseys to your closet, you'll want to check out what SVSports has to offer. As a full-service sporting goods retailer dedicated to high-quality merchandise, we're proud to supply Mitchell and Ness throwback baseball jerseys. Find a jersey you can be proud of on our online store. You can also find the jerseys at your local store if you'd rather purchase them in person.

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