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2020 Best Vintage NBA Jerseys

2020 best vintage nba jerseys

Retro NBA jerseys are all the rage among NBA fans for a good reason. They call back to different eras in the game and show respect to legendary players who made the league what it is today. Most basketball fans have retired players who they wish they could watch play just one more game out on the court, and a jersey is one of the ways to keep a player's legacy alive.

As you look for the most rare sports jerseys on the market today, you'll probably want to know where you should start. This article describes some of the top jerseys available today, while also providing some extra benefits that come with owning a vintage NBA jersey that you may not have considered.

Reasons to Purchase Vintage NBA Jersey

If you're on the fence about purchasing a vintage NBA jersey, there are several reasons why you should have a retro jersey to go along with your modern jerseys. Below you can find some of the top reasons for owning vintage NBA clothing:

1. Great to Wear to Parties and Events

When you wear a retro NBA jersey, you show that you're a longtime NBA fan who knows the history of the game. For example, wearing an Atlanta Hawks Dominique Wilkins 1986-87 Authentic Jersey or a Philadelphia 76ers 1982-83 Cheeks Swingman Jersey to an event will tell everyone that you're a true fan of the game who knows the league's history. These kinds of jerseys will earn you instant respect from other basketball fans and look fashionable as well.

2. Connect With Other Fans

Wearing an older jersey out in public or at an event is bound to get you into a conversation with another NBA fan about the player. Basketball fans love to reminisce over their favorite players and argue over who was the best of their generation. Wearing a jersey puts you in a position to have those kinds of in-depth conversations with friends and strangers alike.

3. Retro Jerseys Don't Date Themselves by Trades and Free Agency

One of the top benefits retro jerseys have over modern NBA jerseys is that the players won't unexpectedly leave a team due to free agency or trades. A jersey of a player who abandoned your team for another is a grim reminder of their loss, while a retro jersey will simply represent a great player whose legacy has already been solidified.

Top Five NBA Throwback Jerseys 2020

As you build your vintage NBA clothing collection in 2020, there are a few must-have jerseys that any NBA fan can appreciate. Here are five of the top NBA licensed jerseys on the market today:

1. Boston Celtic Larry Bird 1985-86 Swingman Jersey

Any NBA fan knows about Larry Bird and how he dominated the league while playing on the Boston Celtics for 13 seasons. Winning three straight NBA MVPs and three NBA championships with the Celtics cemented Bird as a legendary NBA player. Celtics fans or anyone who is a fan of the Hall of Famer's game will love the Boston Celtic Larry Bird 1985-86 Swingman Jersey.

2. Toronto Raptors Tracy McGrady 1998-99 Swingman Jersey

Playing as a shooting guard and small forward, Tracy McGrady made a name for himself in the NBA by becoming a prolific scorer that could be counted on to lead his team. By the end of his career, he had made the NBA All-Star team seven times and earned a spot as a Hall of Fame player. If you loved watching him tear up the court, the Toronto Raptors Tracy McGrady 1998-99 Swingman Jersey is for you.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Garnett 1997-98 Alternate Swingman Jersey

Known as one of the most passionate players in the league, Kevin Garnett brought an intense play style that established him as one of the greatest power forwards ever to play. Adding to his legacy, he won both the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year awards — one of only four other players to ever do so.

Whether you're a Timberwolves fan who loved to watch him make a name for himself or a Celtics fan who watched him bring a championship to Boston, you can wear the Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Garnett 1997-98 Alternate Swingman Jersey with pride.

4. LA Lakers Shaquille O'Neal Platinum Swingman Jersey

Shaq was a superstar on the court and a cultural icon as well. Winning three championships with the Lakers before winning another with the Heat, Shaq garnered 15 NBA All-Star selections, an MVP and was elected into the Hall of Fame shortly after retirement. He is also a rapper, DJ and basketball commentator and is regularly seen in movies and TV. If you're a fan of Shaq, show your support with the LA Lakers Shaquille O'Neal Platinum Swingman Jersey.

5. Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson Platinum Swingman Jersey

allen iverson throwback jersey

Allen Iverson took the league by force when he entered it in 1996 and won the NBA Rookie of the Year award. He'd go on to be an 11 time NBA All-Star and the winner of the MVP award in 2001. Most 76ers fans can still remember how exciting watching the Hall of Famer play was as he put up astronomically high points. The Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson Platinum Swingman Jersey makes for a great addition to any basketball fan's closet.

Non-Jersey Item Ideas

In addition to retro jerseys, there's a variety of extra NBA gear that you can wear to complement them. Below you can find some of the top options you can purchase alongside vintage NBA jerseys:

  • NBA jackets: For the cold weather, NBA jackets will keep you warm and looking your best. One popular option today is the NBA Varsity Fleece Jacket, as it combines a classic style with the logo of your favorite team.
  • Headwear: Snapbacks are fan favorites and can complement almost any outfit. You can also add an adjustable hat for everyday wear or a knit hat for the winter months. Whatever style fits you best, you'll be getting an eye-catching accessory that will rep your team and look good doing it.
  • Hoodies and T-shirts: In your day-to-day life, NBA hoodies and T-shirts are excellent go-to options. Any NBA fan should have a couple of them to grab from their closet for an early morning jog or just to wear while out on the town.


Where to Buy Retro Jerseys

where to buy retro jerseys

If you're interested in purchasing throwback NBA jerseys, you'll want to go to Schuylkill Valley Sports to get the highest quality jerseys on the market today. Mitchell and Ness Swingman Jerseys that are top of the line and devoted to commemorating the greatest basketball players of all time. Browse our online inventory of Mitchell and Ness NBA throwback jerseys and other apparel options to see what we have to offer.

Find your local store today if you'd rather select a jersey in person. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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