Youth Original Defense Pro Softball Fielders Mask

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How it works. Glare from the sun and the lights can be a distraction while fielding. Blackout Technology was designed to eliminate this distraction by eliminating the glare that reflects off equipment and into your eyes. Best of all, Blackout Technology works the minute you put on your new RIP-IT Defense pitcher`s and fielder`s mask. As a result, you will see the ball better, field the ball better, and most importantly, make the play. Lighter, stronger, more impact resistant. Once you try on the RIP-IT Defense, no other pitcher`s and fielder`s face mask will do. The ultra light steel safety cell is designed to be either stiff or flexible depending on the force of impact. This feature allows the Defense to stay rigid for a majority of the impacts a player may receive while playing. However, in the rare instance when the ball is traveling at an excessive speed, the steel safety cell will flex to help in transferring energy away from the point of contact. This same concept is known in the car industry as a crumple zone, and is one of the best ways to transfer the force of impact in extreme circumstances. Ponytails and fielder`s masks. If you wear a ponytail with your fielder`s mask, you know the issues it can cause. Do you put the strap on the right, the left, above, or below your ponytail? Whatever you do, most face masks just don`t fit quite right and they distract you from the game. That is until now. The RIP-IT Defense face mask solves this problem with a secure strap that was designed for ponytail use too. It allows you to pull your ponytail through the opening so everything fits perfectly and you can focus your attention on the game. Stick it where you want it. One continuous piece of velcro covers the entire backside of the chin cup, so you can stick it on however you need to. This means more comfort, better positioning, and the ability to talk easily while wearing a pitcher`s and fielder`s mask.
  • Protects against 12" Softballs Only
  • Lightweight Design
  • Adjustable Chin Cup
  • Ponytail Friendly Strap
  • Moisture Management Padding

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